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The story of Playbrush

We believe in a world where smart dental care makes families smile.

We are a team driven by curiosity and we are not afraid to face new challenges every day.

Find out how it all began...

One evening a few years ago Paul, one of the three Playbrush founders, was watching his godson Louis when he had to brush his teeth. Just like every morning or evening, Louis began having a tantrum to avoid spending any painfully boring minutes brushing in the bathroom. This time, however, his mother did something really clever. She took her iPad, started a 2 minutes brushing video in the bathroom and immediately Louis ran into the bathroom and watched the video - but unfortunately, instead of brushing his teeth he just put the toothbrush in his mouth and chewed it while watching the clip.

When Paul saw this, it dawned on him: What if the characters on the screen moved only if Louis brushed his teeth correctly?

This is how the idea of Playbrush was born! Smart interactive toothbrushing plans that turn a boring routine into an exciting exciting adventure!

After successfully launching the Playbrush Smart and Smart Sonic, the Playbrush team had another epiphany. While they saw children suddenly enjoying and consequently improving their toothbrushing they realized that almost all of them had issues with their Oral Care hygiene.

- For Tolulope and Matthäus, the two other founders it is plain and simple: they would just love to brush as smart as their kids.

- For instance Stephanie, Playbrush’s CCO, wants to perfect her daily oral care by making sure every millimeter of plague is eliminated, so the dentist praises her perfectly clean and beautiful teeth.

- Josiah, the lead game developer, envy’s the kids a little bit - as they can overcome the boring toothbrushing routine easily with the Playbrush Kids products.

- And Paul? He never really progressed from manual brushing to smarter, electric brushing. Also - without his mum he would still forget visiting the dentist twice a year.

Thus the team has spend endless hours and sleepless nights coming up with a smart oral care plan for adults that is personalizing toothbrushing for everyone - so we can all brush as we are, with Playbrush’s new bespoke oral care solution, the Playbrush Smart One.

Welcome to the world of Playbrush!